Orbit One launches new logo and graphic profile

Orbit One, the contract manufacturer of electronics and electromechanics, is changing appearance through the launch of a new graphic profile, a new website and a new logo, which can be seen in this press release. The launch is part of Orbit One’s long-term brand strategy and aims to further strengthen Orbit One’s market position.

“This is not just a matter of graphic design – it also has to do with what we stand for as a company, and how we want to be perceived. Our previous logo served its purpose well, but after 20 successful years the time is now right for a new appea­rance that better reflects the modern, digital and constantly evolving company we are”, says Mattias Lindhe, President & CEO of Orbit One Group.

“We are now a leader in digita­li­sation, roboti­sation, efficiency impro­ve­ments and Lean manufacturing. We are a knowledge-intensive and high-tech manufacturer, and our goal is clear: To challenge tradi­tional ways of thinking and be number one in value-adding contract manufacturing. The new profile will help us further signal this intention”, Mattias Lindhe continues.

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