Orbit One finalist in the Swedish Lean Awards 2022

The contract manufacturer of electronics and electromechanics, Orbit One, has been named one of the finalists of the year in the Swedish Lean Award 2022. The Swedish Lean Award is a competition where companies and organisations that actively work with Lean are highlighted as role models. After the summer, the finalists will receive a visit from the Lean Prize Committee and then the Lean Forum board will appoint the winner of the Swedish Lean Award 2022.

“It’s fantastic news, inspiring and wonderful that our company, with our enthusi­astic employees, is a finalist for the 2022 Lean Award. At Orbit one, we carry out long-term work where we constantly inspire and challenge each other to develop, dare to think outside the box and experiment,” says Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Ulf Karlsson at Orbit one.

Lena André from the Lean Forum’s Lean Award Committee says that the Swedish Lean Award has been awarded since 2008 and the idea is to highlight role models that inspire continued good Lean development in Sweden.

“The other two finalists are Karolinska University Hospital and energy company Skell­eftea Kraft. The winner will be presented on October 12 at the Lean Forum 2022 confe­rence in Gothenburg. There will also be an oppor­tunity to learn more about Lean from the three finalists. We also organize study visits to the finalists to further spread their good working practices, which is what Lean Forum is aiming for,” says Lena André.


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