Orbit One breaks the billion barrier on way to new sales record

In the beginning of November, Orbit One, the Swedish contract manufacturer of electronics and electromechanics, passed SEK 1 billion in sales, which equates to an increase of more than 25 percent compared to the same period last year.

“This means that, with more than a month to go, we can already see that we will set a new sales record this year, and our order levels for 2023 are also looking extremely positive”, says Mattias Lindhe, President & Chief Executive Officer of Orbit One Group.

“We have experi­enced incre­asing demand for our services for a long time. Having the right type of services, a high degree of digita­li­sation and leading technology, in combi­nation with Sweden’s best Lean manufacturing and our high level of efficiency, enables us to compete with low-cost countries. The manufacturing process is also being brought closer to the customer, which is incre­a­singly sought after and of the utmost impor­tance when developing complex products. Furthermore, we have a very strong supply chain with good capacity to supply our customers with compo­nents, despite the disrup­tions and shortages that have charac­te­rised the component market in recent times”, Mattias Lindhe continues.

“Despite the uncertain global situation from a political and economic perspective, we are very positive about next year. We approach the new year with an agile organi­sation that has the ability to plan and, when necessary, quickly replan in order to meet new condi­tions in an ever-changing world”, concludes Mattias Lindhe, President & Chief Executive Officer of Orbit One Group.

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