Inside Orbit One — October 2023

Orbit One takes customer-oriented Business Technology to new levels

Orbit One continues to lead the way in Business Technology and has developed unique systems that result in assured quality, efficiency and optimal value chains.

“Business Technology is a strategy for organising technology and IT throughout the entire company, from production to administ­ration. We are turning the power of digita­li­sation into customer benefits and increased compe­ti­ti­veness. Our method ensures that all technology is used in an optimal manner in order to meet the customer’s needs and expecta­tions”, says Marie Leanderson, Director of IT at Orbit One.

Data-driven decisions

“Imple­menting and developing our processes and value flows in an efficient and automated manner is part of Orbit One’s DNA. This creates added value for the customer, and it is also a very important part of how we ensure quality assurance in our processes. It helps us make data-driven and fact-based decisions, and it helps us visualise the situation, understand processes and identify and understand needs in an optimal manner so that we can also conti­nu­ously improve the process.”

More Business Intel­li­gence

“We also work incre­a­singly with modern Business Intel­li­gence tools to obtain faster, syste­matic analyses that help us make decisions in a variety of areas. This is also something that charac­te­rises the entire organi­sation, and it provides us with the right infor­mation to make the right decisions while also visua­lising our goals, which in itself enhances our ability to not only achieve our goals but also exceed them.”

A vision that has become reality

“Our vision regarding Business Technology is now also the reality in which we work. Orbit One has come a long way, and we are able to clearly see how our digita­li­sation strategy produces positive results on a daily basis. It also generates increased trans­pa­rency in relation to our customers, and we are constantly able to see how new oppor­tu­nities are being developed, which provides us with a further advantage and new compe­titive benefits”, Marie Leanderson concludes.

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Business Technology can be summa­rised in six key points.

1. Letting systems work for us.

2. Only regis­tering data once.

3. Generating bases for data-driven decisions.

4. Facili­tating simulation of processes and results.

5. Creating predictable processes.

6. Creating paperless factories and offices.

The result?

Assured quality, efficiency and optimal value chains.

Business Technology makes us number one!

With the economic outlook becoming incre­a­singly difficult to predict at present, it is important to have a well consi­dered and long-term strategy that provides security, both for ourselves and our customers. Orbit One has such a strategy, and we remain strong thanks to our strategy of never becoming overly dependent on a single customer or segment. Instead, we have a broad mix of customers, with focus on five different segments. When – as now – certain segments are impacted by an economic downturn, we are instead able to benefit from a very high level of demand in our Networks & Connectivity and Energy & Greentech segments. This enables us to continue to stand strong, even when times are tougher in general.

As you are no doubt already aware, Orbit One is a leader in digita­li­sation. In this edition of Inside you can find out more about the thinking behind our digital strategy and how we work with Business Technology to optimise the interaction between technology and IT. Today, we are a data-driven, highly digita­lised knowledge-based company that helps our customers understand, simplify and improve their manufacturing process. Through Business Technology, know-how and the strongest level of commitment in the market, we can grow together with our customers and continue to be number one in value-adding contract manufacturing. We will soon also be launching a completely new website with a totally new graphic profile. So keep your eyes open – there will be a lot happening at Orbit One this autumn!

Your product is our mission!
Mattias Lindhe
Group President, Orbit One Group

Axema: “Orbit One is a contract manufacturer that you can grow and develop with”

Axema is one of Scandinavia’s leading experts in secure access control systems for multi-family buildings, offices, commercial properties, industrial properties and public spaces. Axema develops stylish, Swedish-made products created for Nordic condi­tions.

Orbit One manages the entire value chain

Axema has been a customer of Orbit One since 2012. Orbit One manages the entire production chain, from NPI (New Product Intro­duction) and procu­rement of compo­nents to complete box build, tests and delivery to Axema or, in certain cases, directly to Axema’s end customers. The manufacturing process imposes extremely high demands on quality and security.

We want to be able to focus on what we do best

“Axema chose contract manufacturing through Orbit One in order to be able to focus on what we feel that we do best, namely development and design of code locks, door entry phones and access control systems. We chose Orbit One because they have good insight and understanding of our unique needs. Today, Orbit One manufactures all our products and manages the entire value chain. Orbit One has also imple­mented very good procu­rement, production and quality processes that provide us with major benefits. We also appre­ciate the speed of response and flexi­bility in connection with NPIs, as well as their quality work. We would definitely recommend Orbit One. They are a contract manufacturer that you can grow and develop with.”

Martin Stjernborg, Opera­tions Manager, Axema

Trendspotting: The situation in the component market

Orbit One’s Supply Chain services don’t just help companies optimise their purchasing of compo­nents. “We also conti­nu­ously monitor and analyse the component market to ensure that our customers are always well informed. The situation has improved signi­fi­cantly in recent times, and at present we are not seeing any problems for companies looking to increase their business levels, as the majority of suppliers have healthy stock levels”, says Marcus Gunnebrant, Chief Supply Chain Officer at Orbit One.

The trend at the moment:

  • Prices remain at the same level due to large stocks of materials and the fact that no one wants to lower the price. Raw material prices are starting to go down, but the effect of this is not visible in relation to the component prices due to the large quantities of materials in the flows.

  • Global trans­por­tation is current­ly functioning as normal.

  • It has become more difficult to cancel orders with distribu­tors and manufacturers, as they want to maximise their quarterly results. They currently have large stocks of materials.

  • The level of demand in China continues to be weak, which provides more access to capacity as well as better lead times.

  • It is important for businesses to review their forecasts regarding their component needs, even from a more long-term perspective.

  • It is a good time to review the BOM list with regard to the mate­rials included there, in order to be better placed when the economy turns.

  • Orbit One can perform “BOM Scrubbing”, which means that we analyse current compo­nents in order to replace discon­tinued compo­nents, purge outdated and incorrect data, and identify better alter­na­tives in terms of price, quality and produ­ci­bility.

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