Inside Orbit One — October 2021

With an increasing number of positive signals from the market and a growing demand, Orbit One continues its investments in new technology.

New strategic invest­ments at Orbit One

– This autumn will be defined by a range of new and strategic technology invest­ments across our opera­tions. The consi­stent, under­lying theme of these invest­ments is that we aim for common and similar technology across our units. All to create optimal synergies, Vice President & Chief Operating Officer Ulf Karlsson says.

New selective soldering machine to Stockholm

– We are now further strengthening our Stockholm unit with a new ERSA selective soldering machine. Already in use at the Ronneby unit, this machine has an impressive capacity and flexibility.It will replace the wave soldering machine and, not least, most of our manual soldering, which means yet another step in our conti­nuous work to improve quality and flexi­bility. Unique scanning functio­nality also improves trace­a­bility. The machine scans each individual PCB’s serial number and films the entire process. Should an error arise, we can go back and trace the error in the video. The self-cleaning nozzles are another important feature that save time and contribute to a better work environment and a more sustai­nable production process.

Unique surface mount in Ronneby

– This autumn, we will also complete our unique surface-mount technology line in Ronneby. It is a brand new Fuji AIMEX III, with a unique setup designed in colla­bo­ration with Rejlers and Scanditron. The most modern of its kind in Sweden, the new production line consists of two parallel lines that can produce indivi­dually as well as collectively with unmatched flexi­bility and efficiency. In addition, the new production line drasti­cally reduces our energy consumption.

New NXT and larger premises in Russia

– At the Russia unit, we are investing in yet another efficient Fuji NXT surface-mount device, which means that we now have two parallel NXT lines. Fully compa­tible with each other, the production lines have excellent precision and repetition accuracy.

In addition, we are installing a brand new, efficient coating robot. At the same time, premises are being expanded in order to meet the growing demand for manufacturing in Russia. Manufacturing in Russia provides increased oppor­tu­nities for inter­na­tional companies to market their products in Russia, something which more and more companies are realising.

Newly renovated facility in Poland

– We are also appro­aching the opening of the completely renovated unit in Prabuty, outside Gdansk. The result is a state-of-the-art production unit with brand new infrastructure and modern, efficient production areas with a complete range of services. In addition, the unit in Poland has an excellent location with great transport links for rapid distri­bution to the rest of Europe as well as daily ferry connec­tions to Sweden.

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Please contact Vice President & Chief Operating Officer Ulf Karlsson.
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Component status:

Lead times stabi­lised at high level

The combi­nation of shutdowns due to the pandemic and a sharp increase in the need for electronics continues to affect the component market. The demand is mainly fuelled by the automotive industry, 5G, and IoT. Over the past two months, the long lead times have been at a high but stable level, which facili­tates planning. It is, however, extremely difficult to meet increased needs in the near future, Chief Supply Chain Officer Marcus Gunnebrant says.

Continued struggle in 2022

– Many manufacturers are simply not able to deliver in line with the high demand, and the general assessment is that 2022 will be strongly affected as well, maybe with some impro­vement in the second half of the year. For example, Xilinx, the world’s largest supplier of program­mable logic devices, announces that their Spartan‑6 product line will not be available for delivery throughout 2022.

Increased prices to be expected

– There have been many small price increases from all manufacturers during the year, and we can now see a larger one coming. One of the reasons for this is that the wafer manufacturer TSCM is announcing an increase of about 20%, which will force the manufacturers along the chain to raise their prices. We are also still seeing problems and higher prices in transport. Important to plan for here is the Chinese New Year, which will affect everyone in the industry.

Would you like to know more about the component situation?

Contact our Chief Supply Chain Officer, Marcus Gunnebrant, for the latest news and develop­ments.
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We optimise your supply chain!

The past year has shown just how important it is to have an effective and well-functioning supply chain. But even under normal circumstances, the supply chain is a key factor for all manufacturing companies. Orbit One has the expertise required to optimise your supply chain and guarantee your material supply by performing important analyses and monitoring of the market. With our Simplify service, we can analyse the total cost in your supply chain and suggest impro­ve­ments. In addition to Simplify, we can provide the following services:

• Analysis and monitoring of the component market.

• Risk analyses of suppliers and component choices.

• Alter­native component recom­men­da­tions.

• Analysis and redesign of new as well as established products.

• Sustaining – prolonging useful life of the product while improving its functio­nality and capacity. Both hardware and software.

Gearing up with new technology

In this issue of Inside Orbit One, you get a taste of the technology invest­ments currently being made at our units. These are invest­ments that will benefit the market in the form of even higher quality, increased relia­bility of delivery, and compe­titive prices. Orbit One already possesses leading expertise in areas like digital process control, Lean production, and quality and impro­vement systems. In combi­nation with our knowledge and our commitment, the current technology invest­ments will yield even higher returns and create new synergies between our units. With these new invest­ments, we continue to challenge the industry. Not least with our new surface-mount technology line in Ronneby, and its unique setup.

There is now an ever-incre­asing demand for our services. However, a cause for concern for many customers is the compli­cated situation on the component market. Even here, Orbit One can help. We have the skills required to help our customers create more robust and resilient chains of supply, which you can learn more about in this issue of Inside Orbit one. And if you would like to know more about our services and technology solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will happily tell you more about the road to the most sustai­nable and value-adding contract manufacturing of the future!


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