Inside Orbit One — June 2023

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Orbit One’s Sustai­na­bility Report for 2022 is now finalised and can be ordered from us or downloaded from our website. The report includes details of a number of impro­ve­ments and initi­a­tives during the year and shows a clear positive trend in relation to important key ratios. The report also describes our work with social sustai­na­bility.

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3 good examples of invest­ments that are positive for the environment

“Our Sustai­na­bility Report for 2022 includes details of a number of concrete impro­ve­ments that we have achieved by utilising know-how and invest­ments to radically reduce our environ­mental impact. In Ronneby, for example, we have succeeded in reducing our energy consumption from 3.1 GWh to 1.9 GWh while also incre­asing our efficiency and manufacturing volume”, explains Mattias Lindhe, President & Chief Executive Officer of Orbit One.

• New selective soldering machine reduces energy consumption

One of Orbit One’s largest invest­ments in 2022 was the new selective soldering machine that was installed in Stockholm. The new selective soldering machine uses signi­fi­cantly less energy. The previous wave soldering machine required energy to melt around 600 kg of tin, whereas the new selective soldering machine only needs to work with around 10 kg.

• Production of our own nitrogen gas reduces trans­por­tation

In conjun­ction with our investment in the new selective soldering machine in Stockholm, we also installed our own nitrogen gas generator for the nitrogen gas needed in the soldering process, thus reducing the need for long truck shipments to refill our nitrogen gas tanks and the environ­mental impact entailed by such shipments.

• New energy-efficient robot cell in Ronneby

A completely new energy-efficient robot cell was built in Ronneby in 2022. The new robot cell is ideal for large-volume production, which is incre­a­singly in demand, not least due to the fact that many customers want to move their production closer to their market in order to reduce their environ­mental impact.

Latest news on the component market

“The situation on the component market is now showing more available capacity. However, the increased capacity is not the result of greater production capacity, but rather an effect of a certain slowdown in the level of demand from China, in particular, as well as other countries in Asia”, says Marcus Gunnebrant, Orbit One’s Chief Supply Chain Officer.

Shorter lead times

“The decrease in demand has eased the pressure on suppliers, and we are also seeing a reduction in lead times to some extent, although they are still relatively long compared with the pre-pandemic situation. There is also uncer­tainty as to what will happen in Q4 2023 and Q1 2024, depending on whether demand from China increases again as a result of higher levels of consumption.”

Stable transport situation

“We are also seeing increased stability in the transport sector, and at present there are no signs of any major problems. Freight prices are holding at a stable level, and we are even seeing some price decreases in relation to shipments by sea.”

Review the compo­nents included in products!

“As usual it is important for customers to review the compo­nents included in their product design. In this area, Orbit One can assist with the perfor­mance of “BOM Scrubbing”, which means that we analyse current compo­nents in order to replace discon­tinued compo­nents, purge outdated and incorrect data, and identify better alter­na­tives in terms of price, quality and produ­ci­bility”, Marcus Gunnebrant concludes.

Would you like to know more about the component situation?

Feel free to contact our Chief Supply Chain Officer, Marcus Gunnebrant. You can call him on

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Orbit One supports Missing People

As part of Orbit One’s CSR work, we are supporting Missing People’s activities in Sweden. Missing People is a nationwide non-profit organi­sation that helps relatives and the Police in their efforts to search for people who have gone missing.

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Now is the time for nears­horing!

As demands and requi­re­ments on sustai­nable nears­horing and ESG (Environ­mental, Social and Corporate Gover­nance) increase at a rapid rate, it feels good to be able to present yet another Sustai­na­bility Report from Orbit One – a report full of concrete measures and impro­ve­ments, both large and small. Our initi­a­tives include everything from electric vehicles in our company car fleet to major invest­ments aimed at achieving energy savings and environ­mental impro­ve­ments.

Our work with sustai­na­bility, Lean manufacturing, automation and digita­li­sation provides a clear signal as to where we are heading and how we can compete with distant low-wage countries. This is also extremely important from a customer perspective. We are always close to our customers, who have full trans­pa­rency and insight into how we work. This creates credi­bility, trust and long-term profi­table business relationships for both parties.

The spring has quickly come and gone, and I can already promise that there will be many exciting new develop­ments at Orbit One in the autumn. But first it is time for summer and some much deserved relax­ation and enjoyment during the holiday period. On behalf of myself and the entire team here at Orbit One, I would like to take this oppor­tunity to wish all our customers, suppliers, colle­agues and friends a wonderful summer!

Your product is our mission!
Mattias Lindhe
Group President, Orbit One Group


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