Inside Orbit One — June 2022

Orbit One’s new selective soldering machine from German manufac­turer ERSA is now in full operation at our Stockholm unit. It is the same type of machine already in use at the Ronneby unit and has impressive capacity and flexibility. The new selective soldering ma­chine replaces the existing wave soldering machine and represents yet another step in Orbit One’s continuous improvement strategy. The new investment also entails important environmental benefits.

Sustai­nable invest­ments in Stockholm lead to new environ­mental benefits

Generating our own nitrogen gas

In conjun­ction with our investment in the new selective soldering ma­chine, Orbit One has also invested in a nitrogen generator.

“The soldering process requires nitrogen gas, and investing in our own nitrogen generator makes us more self-suffi­cient and more flex­ible while also entailing environ­mental benefits, as we eliminate the need for long truck shipments to refill our nitrogen tanks”, explains Per-Ola Johansson, Engi­neering Manager at Orbit One.

Reduced energy consumption

“The new selective soldering machine also uses signi­fi­cantly less energy. The previous wave soldering machine required energy to melt around 600 kg of tin, whereas the new selective solder­ing machine only needs around 10 kg for conti­nuous operation. The self-cleaning nozzles are another important feature that contribute to a better work environment and a more sustai­nable production pro­cess”, Per-Ola Johansson adds.

No expensive fixtures required

“Yet another benefit is that the new selective soldering machine can perform soldering closer to the compo­nents, thus elimi­nating the need to create new, expensive fixtures for each circuit board, as was the case with the older wave soldering machine. Instead, the programming controls the exact location of the soldering, point for point. Furthermore, the use of selective soldering is a must for certain modern circuit boards”, Per-Ola Johansson concludes.

High demand compli­cates the situation

“The component market is still facing a tough situa­tion, and at present there are no immediate signs that things are about to improve. Furthermore, there is still very high demand for compo­nents, and manufactur­ers are quite simply unable to produce compo­nents at a suffi­cient rate to meet current needs”, says Marcus Gunnebrant, Orbit One’s Chief Supply Chain Officer.

Continued problems into 2023

“Our forecasts are being pushed forward month by month, and I believe that we will see a conti­nu­ation of these problems into the first half of 2023, at least. In­vestments are being made in new production capaci­ty, but these are yet to produce any visible results.”

The pandemic continues to have an impact

“The pandemic also continues to impact the market, in particular in China, where production units are peri­odically being forced to shut down completely, which is delaying deliveries. This in turn is creating backlogs of deliveries that must be shipped out of China and then reloaded in Europe for further distri­bution. The war in the Ukraine and the sanctions against Russia are also creating problems when it comes to land-based shipments through Russia.”

Forecasts are important!

“In addition, prices continue to rise with regard to the cost of production, shipping and raw materials. Our advice to all our customers is therefore unchanged – they should carefully review their needs and neither undere­stimate nor overe­stimate their purchasing requi­re­ments. Ideally, we would like to receive esti­mates of customers’ component requi­re­ments for the next eighteen months to 2 years. Finally, I once again wish to warn our customers to be wary of rogue operators on the Internet who promise good prices and quick deliveries. At Orbit One we only work with quality-assured non-franchised distri­butors (brokers).”

Would you like to know more about the component situation?

Contact our Chief Supply Chain Officer, Marcus Gunnebrant, for the latest news and develop­ments.
You can reach him at +46 (0)70965 21 38 or e‑mail him at:

New Sustai­na­bility Report from Orbit One

Orbit One is one of Scandinavia’s leading contract manufacturers of electronics and electro­me­chanics. With size and status comes added respon­si­bility to develop sustai­nable solutions for our employees, customers and the environment. In our Sustai­na­bility Report for 2021 we describe our continued sustaina­bility work and how we conti­nu­ously strive to reduce our consumption of energy and chemicals and create new sustai­nable solutions.

The report can be ordered here:

Orbit One wishes you a long and wonderful summer!

We wish all our customers, business partners and friends a long and enjoyable summer.

Our units in Sweden will be closed during weeks 28–30, with certain specific excep­tions.

Our unit in Poland will remain open throughout the summer.

We love to challenge, question and think innova­tively!

Summer is fast appro­aching and is preceded by a sure sign of spring in the form of Orbit One’s latest Sustai­na­bility Report, in which we describe our sustai­na­bility work and how we conti­nu­ously strive to reduce our energy consumption, replace chemicals and create new, more efficient manufacturing solutions. This is a conti­nuous process and a key area of focus for Orbit One, with attention to both the smallest of details as well as major invest­ments. For example, this year we have continued to expand the instal­lation of solar panels in Prabuty, reduced our energy consumption in Ronneby through new machinery, and invested in a nitrogen generator and a more efficient venti­lation system in Stockholm.

At the same time, demand for our services has not diminished. 2022 has started well, with many positive signals from our customers despite the prevailing situation and uncer­tainty in the world. There are a number of clouds on the horizon in the form of component shortages, incre­asing inflation and rising interest rates, but here at Orbit One we feel that we have learnt to manage the problems that have charac­te­rised the past couple of years, and we are well placed to help our customers, even in times of difficulty and when changes in direction are required. Orbit One has a strong and competent organi­sation, with employees who love to challenge, question and think innova­tively. Our aim? The greatest possible added value for all concerned!

The entire team here at Orbit One wishes all our customers, suppliers, colle­agues and friends a wonderful summer!


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