Inside Orbit One — February 2023

Orbit One is growing in Energy & Greentech

Energy & Greentech is now one of Orbit One’s fastest growing segments.

– The transition from climate-impacting fossil fuels to renewable energy solutions requires new technology and the development of sustai­nable solutions, something that can be clearly seen in the demand from our customers, Director of Sales & Marketing, Mats Eriksson, says.

Sustai­nable solutions

– Innovative environ­mental technology like elect­ri­fi­cation and digita­li­sation, new battery techno­logies, solar cells, smart homes, electric vehicles, and IoT is now changing our everyday life in an incre­a­singly sustai­nable direction. At Orbit One, this is clearly noticeable, as it incre­a­singly permeates most products we manufacture. Orbit One can guarantee that optimal sustai­na­bility is integ­rated into the product design process from the very beginning and throughout the entire product lifecycle, from choice of compo­nents to design for final recycling and recovery.

Guaran­teeing sustai­nable development

– The way a product is manufactured is also an important aspect of the product’s environ­mental impact during its life cycle. With one of the market’s most modern and efficient machine parks, Orbit One is able to meet demanding environ­mental and energy requi­re­ments. This, in combi­nation with a high degree of digita­li­sation and Sweden’s best Lean manufacturing, enables us to guarantee an optimal and sustai­nable production chain.

Orbit One has the knowledge

– We have the knowledge, experience, and resources required for manufacturing in the Energy & Greentech segment. Our customer base currently includes a number of leading companies in areas ranging from intel­ligent LED lighting technology and battery technology to control systems for energy consumption and innovative water technology.

Would you like to know more?

Please contact Mats Eriksson, Director of Sales & Marketing.

Phone +46 (0)70 67 44 777 or email:


6 leading trends for 2023

As we look ahead, identi­fying this year’s trends, Orbit One’s order books speak for themselves. – Sustai­na­bility, from several different perspectives, runs like a common thread through virtually all enquiries for 2023, Orbit One Director of Sales & Marketing, Mats Eriksson, says, as he lists six leading trends for 2023.

1. Moving production home

The trend of moving production home from Asia, closer to your own market, continues for several reasons: reduced environ­mental impact, lower transport costs, safer and faster delivery, as well as the impor­tance of being close to your manufacturing partner, especially when manufacturing complex products.

2. Increased automation

Continued increased automation as robots become cheaper and more flexible. Especially suitable for larger volumes and simpler tasks.

3. More demanding environ­mental requi­re­ments

More demanding sustai­na­bility and environ­mental requi­re­ments in turn raise the demand for our qualified services in analysis and inspection of conflict minerals, RoHS, and the REACH Directive, among other areas.

4. Sustaining

The requi­re­ments to build sustai­nable products throughout the product lifecycle are constantly incre­asing. From choice of compo­nents to design for optimal recycling and recovery. Also being requested is a longer useful life, an area where Orbit One can offer leading sustaining services.

5. Compo­nents warehousing

In order to create safer supply chains, more and more customers are requesting Orbit One’s services in compo­nents warehousing. This provides long-term assurance and facili­tates planning.

6. Internet of Things

The Internet of Things and Connectivity continue to grow signi­fi­cantly as the number of connected products and services increases in both commercial solutions and consumer products. This requires, among other things, gateways and smart sensors.

Would you like to know more?

Please contact Mats Eriksson, Director of Sales & Marketing.

Phone +46 (0)70 67 44 777 or email:

Orbit One was recently included on the presti­gious Forbes Diamonds ranking of companies with revenues of PLN 50–250 million. Prepared in colla­bo­ration with the analytics company Dun & Bradstreet, Forbes Diamonds is a ranking of Polish companies that have increased their value the most over the past 5 years. Official data from 2017–2021 is used for the valuation of Forbes Diamonds 2023, including sales, net profits, value of fixed assets, and inventory levels.

The component situation is gradually improving

Although certain challenges and uncer­tainties in the market remain, Orbit One believes that the situation on the component market will improve in 2023.

– A possible recession could lead to greater availa­bility of compo­nents, but the question is how deep the recession will be? We’re noting that while the component market is no longer incre­asing its sales from one quarter to the next, manufacturers are still not able to meet the demand. Thus, the depth of the recession will determine how quickly the availa­bility of compo­nents improves, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Marcus Gunnebrant, says.

Topical right now:

• The availa­bility of both air and sea freight has improved in recent months. However, prices remain at a high level.

• China is now relaxing the COVID-19 restric­tions. How will this affect the market? Before, some manufacturers were forced to close due to lockdowns, which reduced the availa­bility of compo­nents. Now we might see more sick leave instead, which will have the same negative effect on manufacturing. Orbit One is monitoring this closely to be able to provide our customers with as clear infor­mation as possible.

• We still urge our customers to review their needs for the next 18–24 months, although it is important not to over-forecast. We have a conti­nuous dialogue with our customers about this, as some parts with long lead times cannot be cancelled.

• We also want to remind our customers to review the lifecycle of product compo­nents. Many manufacturers are now phasing out older and non-profi­table compo­nents to invest in new ones instead. Orbit One can help with the analysis of this and suggest impro­ve­ments and alter­native compo­nents.

Would you like to know more about the component situation?

Contact our Chief Supply Chain Officer, Marcus Gunnebrant, for the latest news and develop­ments.

You can reach him at: +46 (0) 709 65 21 38 or e‑mail him

Our goal for 2023? Even better, even more efficient!

For Orbit One, being the biggest is not what’s most important. What’s most important for us is being the best. The best at creating optimal and sustai­nable manufacturing solutions that provide the added value that our customers seek and need. Despite having grown by over 30% during 2022, our focus is still on quality and delivery capacity. Something I believe we have been truly great at. One example is that we have managed – better than the most of our compe­titors – to obtain compo­nents even under the difficult circumstances that have been plaguing the market. This is thanks to an innovative supply chain organi­sation and a solid network of suppliers and partners.

As we turn our gaze to 2023, increased efficiency is in even more focus, for example through what we call “Business Technology”, a new approach that involves merging tradi­tional technical know-how with tradi­tional IT know-how. The objective is to become even more efficient and continue to develop the benefits of things like robots, automation, and smart control and monitoring systems.

We are also happy to be able to welcome a number of new customers. Our goal is to make them feel confident about being an Orbit One customer and to stay with us for at least as long as the average Orbit One customer, which is as many as 15 years. Let’s go!

Your product is our mission!
Mattias Lindhe
Group President, Orbit One Group

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