Inside Orbit One — December 2022

In October, Orbit One was named winner of the Swedish Lean Award 2022, a highlight on a journey that started many years ago. Vice President & Chief Operating Officer Ulf Karlsson says that the first step to succeeding with Lean is to understand the principles of Lean and then make them your own. His other three tips are leadership, an allowing culture, and understanding the needs of your customers.

Four steps to succeeding with Lean

1. Making the principles your own

– We began our Lean journey many years ago, and one of the first steps was to translate the fourteen Lean principles to our business and make them our own principles. The number of Lean tools is enormous, but what is important for us? How do we apply it to our own opera­tions? The result was a document with principles and values that each employee was trained in and knows well, regardless of the section in which they work.

2. Building inspiring leadership

– The leadership and the values in Orbit One have been the key to our ability to implement and establish Lean as part of our corporate culture. Daily leadership must inspire, push, and engage the workforce, and the workforce must feel involved and know that they are important, that they can influence, and that they can make a diffe­rence. We also talk about having “serious fun”. We all work together, and we should all feel that it’s fun to come to work and that we’re all part of creating something positive.

3. Creating an allowing culture

– In order to develop, we need to challenge ourselves, and in order to do that, we need an allowing culture that allows us to try new paths, challenge the tradi­tional, and think outside the box. It’s okay to fail every now and then. Making mistakes is how we learn, how we develop, and how we improve.

Follow-up is key. We do it, for example, through our daily Pulse Meetings. Everyone engages in these meetings, sharing and learning from yesterday’s metrics and events.

4. Understanding the needs of your customers

– Successful integ­ration of Lean must also include an understanding of the needs of your customers. At Orbit One, our goal is for the customer to see us as their own manufacturing unit. Through understanding and close colla­bo­ration, we can advance our Lean efforts as well as our services to create secure, seamless, and optimal value chains.

Lean Award important for Sweden

– Finally, I want to give a big thanks to Lean Forum. Their work is important for Swedish industry and Swedish compe­ti­ti­veness. The Lean Award has given us extra energy, and we are truly proud of being this year’s winner. We hope to make good ambas­sadors and pass our knowledge forward,

Ulf Karlsson concludes.

Would you like to know more about Orbit One’s work with Lean? Please contact:

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Conti­nuous development produces results!

Conti­nuous development, conti­nuous impro­vement, and the act of conti­nu­ously challenging are the pillars of our corporate culture. This year, we also set a new sales record. These are some of the impro­ve­ments we made in 2022:

• Massive future-proofing invest­ments in cutting-edge technology and roboti­sation.

• Conti­nuous development of a flexible organi­sation and new partnerships with our suppliers.

• Periodic pricing to always ensure the best price for our customers.

• Conversion and update to the state-of-the-art Monitor G5 MRP system.

• Always up-to-date infor­mation to our customers on the material situation.

Orbit One makes the Forbes Diamonds list

Orbit One was recently included on the presti­gious Forbes Diamonds ranking of companies with revenues of PLN 50–250 million. Prepared in colla­bo­ration with the analytics company Dun & Bradstreet, Forbes Diamonds is a ranking of Polish companies that have increased their value the most over the past 5 years. Official data from 2017–2021 is used for the valuation of Forbes Diamonds 2023, including sales, net profits, value of fixed assets, and inventory levels.

Let’s end the year with a new record!

It’s with great joy and equally great pride of our employees, as well as much appre­ci­ation for our customers and suppliers, that I announce that we’re ending this year with setting a new sales record! And this in spite of our input values being uncertain, to say the least. The component shortage, transport issues, inter­na­tional conflicts, and the pandemic have all posed major challenges. Yet we have succeeded, and we have proven that we have a committed, strong, and flexible organi­sation that can deliver even when a storm is brewing.

For Orbit One, this has also been a year marked by techno­lo­gical development. We have built simulation cells for roboti­sation in both Ronneby and Poland. Our aim with doing this is to develop and test new possi­bi­lities related to automation with both tradi­tional and colla­bo­rative robots. After all, it is our high level of technical expertise that enables us to compete with low-cost countries such as China.

Another highlight this year was the Lean Award. It has given us much unexpected attention and a great reputation even outside our own industry. Companies as well as munici­pa­lities and county councils have expressed interest in how we work, and many want to visit us to witness first-class Lean in action. We look forward to having them!

Before we all take a much-needed Christmas break, I want to take this oppor­tunity to thank all our customers, suppliers, employees, and friends for this year! Take care of yourselves!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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