Inside Orbit One — August 2023

Spectrum Technology becomes part of Orbit One

Orbit One is the new part-owner of the automation consulting firm Spectrum Technology, which is a leading provider of automation solutions, speci­a­lising in the design and imple­men­tation of automated systems that increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve overall perfor­mance for a wide range of industries.

A prerequisite for nears­horing

“Excel­lence in automation is a prerequisite for “nears­horing” and for encou­raging more customers to locate their manufacturing close to their market. With a partnership and a very close colla­bo­ration, we gain full access to Spectrum Technology’s leading expertise in automation. This provides us with further oppor­tu­nities to strengthen our service offering while developing leading automation solutions. We have already carried out some very successful projects together, including a new unique robot cell speci­fi­cally developed on behalf of a major Swedish industrial company”, explains Mattias Lindhe, President & Chief Executive Officer of Orbit One Group.

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Orbit One takes the lead in automation

“Orbit One is a leader in production and process technology, and Spectrum Technology is a market leader in automation. Together we will create a unique and extremely compe­titive service offering with new synergy effects that benefit both existing and new customers”, says Ulf Karlsson, Orbit One’s Vice President & Chief Operating Officer.

Automation an integral part

“Automation will be an integral and natural part of our offer to customers, including everything from analysis to design and the building of finished robot cells or cobots. Software will also be developed directly for customers’ needs and will be adapted with inter­faces that make it possible to commu­nicate with and work directly with other existing equipment.”

Three important reasons for automation

“You could say that there are three dominant reasons for automation. It has to do with cost efficiency – increased automation creates greater efficiency. It also has to do with quality assurance through the use of automated technical solutions. And last but not least, it has to do with creating better and more attractive work environ­ments by elimi­nating highly repetitive and harmful work tasks.”

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Three steps towards tomorrow’s Orbit One

I hope that you’ve had a really great summer and have been able to recharge your batteries ahead of the autumn. Here at Orbit One we are already back into the swing of things, and I have three exciting pieces of news that I would like to share with you. Firstly, Orbit One is now the new part-owner of the automation consulting firm Spectrum Technology, which is a leading provider of automation solutions. The team at Spectrum Technology possesses market-leading expertise in automation and, in combi­nation with our own production and process expertise, we will now be able to offer an even more value-creating range of services. Please read the other articles in this newsletter to find out more.

The second piece of news also concerns increased skills and knowledge, as it gives me great pleasure to welcome two new, experi­enced board members to Orbit One Group. Cecilia Böhm and Anders Birgersson both have long and extensive experience of working with inter­na­tional companies, and their knowledge will be a valuable asset for Orbit One in the future.

The third and final piece of news is something that I will withhold until the next edition of Inside, although I can already reveal that we will be making a change that includes an updated and moder­nised graphic profile that better reflects today’s Orbit One. The launch is part of Orbit One’s long-term brand strategy, the aim of which is to further strengthen Orbit One’s market position. So keep your eyes peeled for our new logo!

Your product is our mission!
Mattias Lindhe
Group President, Orbit One Group

Jessica Krantz new CFO of Orbit One

Orbit One is delighted to welcome Jessica Krantz as new CFO. Jessica commenced her employment on 1 August and will be taking over the role of CFO from 1 October when she replaces Joakim Bengtsson, who will be stepping into well deserved retirement during the second quarter of 2024.

Extensive industrial experience

Jessica’s most recent position was as Senior Project Controller at NKT, and she has extensive experience of financial control, financial forecasts and risk analyses in major infrastructure projects. Jessica also has long experience of the EMS sector, having worked at Flex for 14 years. Jessica has a Bachelor of Business Administ­ration degree and also has LEAN Green Belt certi­fi­cation.

“I appre­ciate Orbit One’s views on conti­nuous impro­vement and challenges”

“I’m extremely excited to become part of Orbit One. With my background in the EMS sector, I know Orbit One very well and I am really looking forward to being able to contribute with my skills and experience. I particu­larly appre­ciate Orbit One’s views on conti­nuous impro­vement and challenges, and not least the company’s solid core values”, says Jessica Krantz, newly appointed CFO of Orbit One.

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The component market is stabi­lising

“An incre­asing number of signs suggest that the component market is more stable now than it has been in a long time, but we are not yet back to pre-pandemic levels”, says Marcus Gunnebrant, Chief Supply Chain Officer at Orbit One.

Impact of the slowdown in China

“In recent times, prices on the broker market have returned to somewhat more normal levels and there is a surplus of compo­nents. One important reason is the slowdown in China, which has led to a decrease in demand, and at present there are only problems with a small number of items. Prices are stable, and we are not seeing any major changes in the transport sector.”

Orbit One is monitoring market develop­ments

“We are monitoring the market carefully and are able to assist with analyses and reports regarding the component situation, as well as for LTB (Last Time to Buy). As usual, our advice to all our customers is to review their needs as carefully as possible. Ideally we would prefer to see estimates for at least 18 months and up to 24 months into the future.”

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Meet us at Evertiq Expo in Gothenburg!

We look forward to seeing you at Evertiq Expo in Gothenburg on 20 September! Naturally Orbit One will be there, ready to answer any questions about sustai­nable and cost-efficient contract manufacturing, digita­li­sation, automation and why we are best in Sweden when it comes to Lean manufacturing. Evertiq Expo also offers a number of exciting seminars. Registration is free and can be easily completed via the link below. Welcome!

Where: The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre – Entrance 2
When: 20 September
Opening hours: 09.00–16.00
You’ll find Orbit One at table no. 10

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