Inside Orbit One — April 2023

Supply Chain mastered all challenges

Orbit One’s supply chain mastered all component-related challenges in 2022. Despite global problems in virtually all areas of component supply, Orbit One was able to meet its customers’ component needs while incre­asing sales. “Behind our success lie long-term strategy, digita­li­sation and knowledge development,” says Chief Supply Chain Officer, Marcus Gunnebrant.

Long-term relationships

“Orbit One’s vision is to always create long-term business relationships and partnerships with customers, suppliers, distri­butors, manufacturers and brokers. This approach paid off well in 2022 and we managed to keep the entire chain together and get compo­nents on time and at the right price.”

Digita­li­sation and a new, stronger organi­sation

“We also have built up a very strong organi­sation within our supply chain. Recently, we further strengthened it with five new employees working cross-site for all our locations with Poland as a starting point. We also have common and trans­parent systems for all locations, as well as increased invest­ments in EDI and API, thus we constantly improve the efficiency of our procu­rement.”

Commu­ni­cation is crucial

“The commu­ni­cation with our customers has also been extremely important. Our goal is for customers to always be fully informed about the status of their compo­nents. We have also invested in new software in order to be able to offer life cycle analyses of consti­tuent compo­nents, and thereby be at the forefront when compo­nents are phased out.”

The situation improves in 2023

“Now we see that the situation will slightly ease in the future. Access is improved and transport schedules appear to be achieved in time. Prices are also stabi­lising, but they are not dropping yet. Long-term forecasts are thus still important to secure future needs,” concludes Marcus Gunnebrant.

Would you like to know more about the component situation?

Feel free to contact our Chief Supply Chain Officer, Marcus Gunnebrant. You can reach him at +46 (0) 709 65 21 38

or e‑mail him at:

Orbit One’s Sustaining is growing

“As demands for sustai­nable products and manufacturing services increase, so does the demand for Orbit One’s sustaining services. Our services can prolong the useful life of the product while improving its functio­nality and capacity. The increased demand has also resulted in our expanding our Sustaining department in Ronneby with two new sustaining engineers,” says Director Sales & Marketing Mats Eriksson.

Part of the vision for 2025

New recruitment is part of Orbit One’s vision for Ronneby 2025, which means developing our Sustaining department along with our marketing manager and management team so that it is ready to meet our “Ronneby 2025” vision. Our main tasks include identi­fi­cation, review, assessment and resolution of defici­encies in our customers’ entire product life cycle in order to, among other things, identify oppor­tu­nities for impro­vement and development.

Extends the life cycle of the product

“One common example is products for which certain compo­nents are no longer available. Orbit One’s sustaining team can then either find alter­na­tives or redesign the PCBs as well as test and verify their functio­nality. We can also help with the software as well as rewrite and update the PCB firmware and fix bugs from previous programming,” Mats Eriksson continues.

Also at DFM

“This service is not just intere­sting for old products. Even for new development of PCBs, Orbit One can contribute with valuable knowledge for customers who do not have in-house development capacity for hardware and firmware. We can make sure that optimal produ­ci­bility and testa­bility are integ­rated in the product design and that, together, we minimise the number of design changes,” Mats Eriksson says.

Would you like to know more?

Please contact our Director Sales & Marketing Mats Eriksson.


Phone: +46 (0) 70 67 44 777

Orbit One solves your transfer

When we wrote about 2023 trends in the previous issue of Inside, the trend to move one’s production from Asia to home ended up in first place. Reduced environ­mental impact, lower transport costs, safer and faster lead times and, not least, the impor­tance of being close to your manufacturing partner, are some of the reasons. Orbit One has extensive experience in transfers and always appoints a dedicated transfer team and conducts a thorough feasi­bility study to ensure that all the necessary infor­mation is available.

Own Account Manager

“Yes, our customers get their very own Account Manager who serves as the link between us and our customer. The Account Manager provides the customer with all the necessary infor­mation, monitors the process, and provides feedback. We have carefully developed transfer processes, and our trans­parent reporting systems also gives our customer optimal control over the entire process, production status and agreed inventory levels,” says Vice President & Chief Operating Officer Ulf Karlsson.

Contract review and schedule

“Accuracy and quality are the alpha and omega of every transfer. The feasi­bility study is also ensured during a contract review, where the customer verifies that all the infor­mation is correct according to a checklist. A schedule is then created, and any test shipments are carried out before the customer can finally approve the contract. After that, the transfer takes place and full-scale production can begin.

Risk assess­ments and controls

“We can take over materials from previous suppliers and, when we do, we always carry out a risk assessment and verify that included compo­nents and chemicals meet all requi­re­ments. We also check whether better options are available. Similarly, we can also conduct compre­hensive supplier audits to determine whether they can be deemed appro­priate or if there are better alter­na­tives,” concludes Ulf Karlsson.

Would you like to know more?

Please contact Ulf Karlsson,

Vice President & Chief Operating Officer,

phone +46 (0) 706 19 42 41 or email:

Invitation! Evertiq Expo in Malmö, 16 may

Welcome to Sweden’s largest one-day expo for the electronics industry! On 16 May, Orbit One will be at the Evertiq Expo in Malmö. We hope to see you there to tell you more about modern, sustai­nable and cost-effective contract manufacturing. Evertiq Expo also offers many exciting seminars. Registration is free. Welcome!

Where: Malmö Arena
When: 16 May
Opening hours: 09:00–16:00
You will find Orbit One at table no. 31

Understand, simplify and improve!

The year has got off to a very good start for Orbit One and we can already be pleased with sales of approx. 5% over budget. But at the same time, we see signs of a cooler business climate with a general slowdown in the market later this year. Perhaps this can be outweighed by a very clear trend, namely that more and more customers want to move their production from Asia to home, closer to their own market. Incre­asing demands for sustai­nable solutions within ESG (Environ­mental, Social and Corporate Gover­nance), and for less tied-up capital, greater flexi­bility, lower risk and improved contact with manufacturing partners are the obvious reasons. This strengthens our position in Northern Europe. Orbit One has extensive knowledge in this type of transfer of manufacturing from Asia, something you can read more about in this issue of Inside.

Knowledge is also an incre­a­singly important component of our compe­ti­ti­veness. Today, we are a data-driven, highly digitised knowledge-based company that helps our customers understand, simplify and improve their manufacturing process. By incre­asing our degree of automation, we can offer compe­titive manufacturing without having to go to the other side of the world. If you want to know more about our knowledge and the way we work, please do not hesitate to contact us. Or why not visit us at the Evertiq Expo in Malmö on 16 May? Welcome!

Your product is our mission!
Mattias Lindhe
Group President, Orbit One Group


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