Inside Orbit One — April 2021

The greentech company Heliospectra has chosen Orbit One as its manufacturing partner. Heliospectra is a world leader in intelligent LED lighting technology, light control systems, and services for greenhouse and controlled plant growth environments.

Helio­spectra chooses Orbit One
”We rely on leading, quality-driven partners.”

Provides resources for the development of new products

– Orbit One is our supplier of top lights for commercial green­houses, controlled indoor culti­vation, and research. We have no produc­tion of our own but rely on leading, quality-driv­en partners. Our own focus is on developing new products and helping our customers. Orbit One helps us with a range of services, from pro­curement, PCB manufacturing, and box build to quality assurance in the form of post-produc­tion quality tests, Heliospectra’s Supply Chain Manager, Nathalie Svedberg, says.

Crucial to ensure top quality

– Quality is one of Heliospectra’s core values, and we are proud of our low margin of error. To ensure continued top quality, we chose to leave production to a partner that has the expertise, resources, and experience to ensure future growth. At the same time, it was important for us to continue with a Swedish partner with the same quality-driven thinking, to be close to the production, have insight, and the ability to maintain a good relationship.

High demands for sustai­na­bility

– Orbit one shares our values of strong focus on quality and sustai­na­bility, two factors that our customers value greatly and incre­a­singly demand in the form of various certi­fi­ca­tions. Orbit One also offers flexi­bility for our produc­tion, where we can easily and conve­ni­ently scale our opera­tions and, if necessary, expand production. Furthermore, Orbit One offers a profes­sional team with extensive expertise from various fields. That way, we can trust that our customers receive products of the highest quality, Nathalie Svedberg concludes.

Each product customer-specific

– This is truly an intere­sting product, and we are very pleased that Helio­spectra chose Orbit One. We make the entire product and handle the entire value chain. What’s also intere­sting is that each product we build is custo­mised, tested, and confi­gured according to the needs of the end customer. We have a dedicated production area for Heliospectra’s products. This ensures great commitment, a high level of knowledge of the product, and top quality, Orbit One’s Account Manager Thomas Bengtsson says.


Mattias ny koncernchef.jpg

Mattias Lindhe new Group President of Orbit One Group

Mattias Lindhe takes over as Group President of Orbit One Group, replacing founder and partner Mats Johansson, who will continue as active owner, focusing on strategies and acqui­si­tions as well as providing support to the Group President and to opera­tional management.

– I’m very excited to be involved in building the future Orbit One. I started here in 2016 and, since then, we have been working hard to steer the company towards increased digita­li­sation, process innovation, and unique production lines, always with added value and with our customers in focus, Mattias Lindhe says.

– We have long had the most excellent staff in the industry, all with tremendous dedication and a great desire to develop the company and continue to challenge tradi­tional thinking. We will continue on our path and build a world-class EMS manufac­turer, where new technology, knowledge, and digita­li­sation will help us always challenge the industry, Mattias Lindhe concludes.

New service from Orbit One

Sustaining is a service that is incre­a­singly in demand from Orbit One. Not least consider­ing the increased demands for sustai­nable products and manufacturing processes.

– With our sustaining services, we can ex­tend useful life of the product while also im­proving its functio­nality and capacity, Director Sales & Marketing Mats Eriksson, says.

Both hardware and software

– A common example is products for which certain compo­nents are no longer available. Orbit One’s sustaining team can then either find alter­na­tives or redesign the PCBs as well as test and verify their functio­nality. This can involve, for example, a new schematic and PCB layout that prolong useful life of the product. We can also help with the software; rewrite and update the PCBA firmware and adjust bugs from previous programming, Mats Eriksson continues.

New products as well

– This service is not just intere­sting for old products. Even for new development of PCBAs, Orbit One’s development support can contribute valuable knowledge to custom­ers who do not have in-house development capacity for hardware and firmware. We can make sure that optimal produ­ci­bility and test­ability are integ­rated in the product design and that, together, we minimise the number of design changes, Mats Eriksson says.

Quality in everything we do!

For a few months now, we have been working on a project with the in-house name One Orbit One. It involves going from several supplier organi­sa­tions to creating a more homogenous and focused Orbit One. Everything we do in the project has a common overall goal: quality! Quality in delivery accura­cy, product quality, price quality, service development, and quality in the added value we create for our customers.

Through simplified structures, strong process focus, flatter organ­isation, and strategy distri­bution of compe­tence, we are now further strengthening our organi­sation. And thanks to our high degree of digita­li­sation, cutting-edge tech­nology, and roboti­sation, we create optimised and robust production lines that can meet the toughest of quality requi­re­ments.

The concept of quality also en­compasses the ability to offer the right services to create the specific added value that our customers want. An example of that is our new, cost-saving sustaining servic­es, which you can read about in this issue of Inside. With our sustaining services, we can extend useful life of the products while also improv­ing their functio­nality and capacity.

Having been entrusted with the role of Group President, I will continue this work going forward. We will become a world-class EMS manufacturer, and we will show the way to the most sustai­nable and value-adding contract manufactur­ing of the future. So join us – it’ll be an exciting journey!


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