Contract manufacturer Orbit One stops opera­tions in Russia

The Swedish contract manufacturer Orbit One has decided to stop operations in Russia due to developments in Ukraine. Orbit One currently has manufacturing units in Sweden, Poland and Russia.

- This is a challenging time, and our thoughts go first and foremost to victims, relatives, refugees and all those who suffer during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, says Mattias Lindhe, President of Orbit One Group.

- We support all sanctions 100% and of course we follow these. We transfer manufacturing to other units within the EU and then analyze how we are to handle our Russian opera­tions, says Mattias Lindhe.

It is our hope that the war will end soon. Orbit One stands for democracy, freedom and inter­na­tional coope­ration. We want to work together with all natio­na­lities for a sustai­nable, peaceful and democratic development, concludes Mattias Lindhe.

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