Paweł Panikowski

Account Manager

“I always look forward to my daily contact with colle­agues and customers alike.”

- I have now been here for eight years after having joined the Orbit One team in 2015. As an Account Manager, I serve as the customer’s voice within our organi­sation, with one foot in our customers’ playing field where I try to understand their needs and expecta­tions, while having a steady foothold on the company’s side. The challenge is in striking a proper balance so that we can realise our common goals of adding value to their production.

Something New Every Day

- The best thing about working within Orbit One is that there is something new every day, which totally suits my working style. I like challenges, and I am very much a people person. I always look forward to my daily contact with colle­agues and customers alike. Our business demands flexi­bility and an open mind toward the dynamics of market changes. I like that, and with enough agility, you can learn more and create more.

Orbit One Has a Great Way of Working and Taking On Challenges

- Orbit One hosts a great combi­nation of well-experi­enced employees offering us skills, but we also benefit from having a number of younger team members offering us a fresh perspective, a different mindset and a fresh approach. What I really like about being part of Orbit One is the great attitude, the Swedish way of working and the way we tackle issues and challenges. Every­one’s opinions are important and matter to the team. Internal training is a cornerstone of Orbit One, and I perso­nally have had the oppor­tunity to learn more about project management, about how to become a good leader and about how to manage customers.

  • Name: Paweł Panikowski.
  • Lives in: Prabuty, Poland.
  • Works as: Account Manager.
  • Education: Management faculty at University of Technology in Gdańsk.
  • Motivated by: Self-development and facing challenges.
  • Leisure time: I like playing basketball, enjoying moments with my 4‑year-old daughter and taking care of the garden. I also like modern technology and keeping up with the rapid changes.