Magnus Håkansson

Business Development Manager

“The technology is developing rapidly, and things never stand still. I really like that!”

- I have had a really long career within Orbit One. It started back in 1994, when the business belonged to ICL and HGL, which subse­quently became Orbit One in 2003. Over the years I have held a number of different positions. My first job involved the repair and mainte­nance of test systems, after which I worked with the development of test systems before becoming head of Orbit One’s test activities. Today I work in the role of Business Development Manager, and I find that my long and wide-ranging experience is of great benefit on a daily basis. My work duties also include selling our test systems to both new and existing customers, a respon­si­bility that also encom­passes commis­sioning of the test systems and following up with the customers.

Extra enjoyable with rapid techno­lo­gical development

- The best thing about working at Orbit One is that the work is so varied. There is always a lot happening – the technology is developing rapidly, and things never stand still. I am perso­nally very interested in technology, so it is extra enjoyable to have to constantly learn new things and develop. I really like that!

Major oppor­tu­nities for development for anyone who is engaged

- Orbit One offers major oppor­tu­nities for development for anyone who is engaged and interested. Naturally it is an advantage if you are really interested in technology, and many of my colle­agues have worked here for a long time and have developed in their roles.

Short decision-making paths and easy to make your voice heard

- Orbit One’s values are important. I am motivated by the fact that the company has short decision-making paths and it is easy to make your voice heard. Through our openness, we can all play our part, contribute to impro­ve­ments and receive and take respon­si­bility. Speed of response and flexi­bility are also key features of Orbit One as a workplace. Despite our size, I feel like we act and respond with the speed of a small company, but with the benefit of having the resources of a major company.

  • Name: Magnus Håkansson.
  • Lives: In Ronneby.
  • Works as: Business Development Manager.
  • Education: Telecom­mu­ni­ca­tions and Data Commu­ni­ca­tions, Blekinge Institute of Technology.
  • Motivated by: The fact that all customers are unique and require unique solutions. I enjoy the variety and the fact that no two projects are the same, and as someone who is interested in technology, I also appre­ciate the challenge of constantly finding new, more efficient and better solutions.
  • Leisure time: Golf is my passion! At present I have a handicap of 14.8.