Dennis Wakabi

Warehouse, production and 5S

“I want to continue my development, learn more and create new oppor­tu­nities for the company.”

- I have been working at Orbit One for about a year now, and I really enjoy it here. I work with incoming and outgoing deliveries in the warehouse, help out in production when extra help is needed, and I also work with 5S. I came to Sweden from Uganda in 2019, and through the Public Employment Service and Talang­a­ka­demien I came into contact with Orbit One, and after an interview I was offered a job at Orbit One’s unit in Stockholm!

Hoping to become a Team Leader

- In the future I hope to be able to work even more with IT, which is my area of special interest and suits my educa­tional background, as I have studied data analysis. At the moment I’m working hard to try to become a Team Leader, and I have already taken several internal training courses to learn how to manage our programs, such as Monitor and Orbit One’s propri­etary OneTracker program.

An atmosphere where everyone listens to each other

- Orbit One feels like an inter­na­tional company, with employees who come from many different countries, and I really enjoy being able to meet people from different backgrounds. It’s exciting to exchange ideas and learn from each other. From day one I have felt really welcome here, and everyone has been extremely helpful and also curious about me and my background and how we can help each other. I also appre­ciate Orbit One’s values, which I feel play a major role in creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere where everyone listens to each other.

  • Name: Dennis Wakabi.
  • Works with: Warehouse, production and 5S.
  • Education: Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science, Makerere University, Uganda.
  • Lives: In Stockholm.
  • Motivated by: I always want to continue developing and learn more so that I can create a good life for myself, my family and my relatives back home in Uganda.
  • Leisure time: Volleyball! I’m active as a player, trainer and leader in Söder­malms VBK.